Introducing The Pseudo Geek: The Mediator

An evolving confused lass stuck somewhere in the middle. I have an interest for IT and all that nerdy stuff but I’m not techie enough to be called an outright geek. I’m also definitely above layman status when it comes to techie things thus I have dubbed myself THE PSEUDOGEEK.

This blog is essentially the meet point. I understand geek speak and I also understand layman speak so I have self appointed me the intermediary. I’m going to try as much as possible to help regular folk translate all that geeky jargon that we hate but still need to know.

Most times I’ll be talking about phones considering my current employment but once in a while I’ll talk about randoms too. Beware though, most of the posts on this blog are about technology. Laptops, internet access, phones, tabs, you name it (maybe on special occassions I’ll talk about books and my not so scandalous life).

With this, I say, welcome to my blog. Hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to leave comments. I’m very open to (constructive) criticism. Even more open to praise. Any corrections or clarifications will be appreciated 😀