Wangechi Mutu – Defining The Weird

At my not so recently concluded Farafina Creative Trust workshop, in what was arguably my most challenging class (and I think I speak for many of the participants too), Binyavanga Wainaina asked us to look at a painting by Wangechi Mutu, titled the The Partician, and write what we saw. Here is the painting:

The Partician by Wangechi Mutu

The Partician by Wangechi Mutu

I wrote down two things Binyavanga said when he gave us this classwork: “It is the anomalies in things that signify what you are looking for” and ” Grotesque is judgement without evidence.” With these thoughts in mind, here’s what I saw:

Some say you can tell where a person is from by looking at their feet.
If they looked down, they’ll know where I’m from. Poverty.
They’ll know then that I’m a fraud.
So I distract them with all the glitz, all the glamour he gave me.

I’m a fraud and he’s the only one who knows it.
He made me this way and this way it would stay
As long as I give him what he wants, the attention he seeks.
If I get hurt, it is worth it.

“Bow to me”, he told me.
“See the others, I made them who they are.
Look what I gave them. I can give you more.”
Gliding towards me, wearing all his wealth, bleeding hand outstretched, he said, “Pledge your allegiance.”

I had no choice. I was defenseless.
I betrayed the gods of my father; the ones I clung to in a claw hold.
Bowing my head as lips met back of palm, I sealed my fate with a kiss.

What did you see?

p.s: Maryam had the bestest, most memorable depiction of the painting. Let’s hope she posts it on her blog.
p.p.s: We dubbed this ‘the Ojuju painting’ in class.
p.p.p.s: I still have no idea what Wangechi was thinking when she painted this :s Check out other interesting Wangechi art here and here.

2 thoughts on “Wangechi Mutu – Defining The Weird

  1. Your mind; I love.

  2. LOOL Tolu! I am just seeing this! thank you sooo much but your piece was equally creativeeeee. I loveee what you did with the feet! how areee youuu. Im gonna send u a dm this second!

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