Technology Meets Health: My First Hackathon

I’ve often wondered what it would be like to be part of a hackathon. The closest thing I had to relate it with was meetings. I don’t like meetings much. I think they are a huge scam. But that’s a post for another day.

Back to hackathons. A little while back, Oo asked if I’d be interested in something awesome (cos face it, few things are as great as the convergence of technology and health). I was still contemplating till he said there would be pizza and beer. Who told him my Achilles’ heel?

Our mission is simple: In one weekend, gather a couple of people and build an app that makes it easy to donate blood in Nigeria. (See what I meant by awesome?)

LifeBank Hackathon Day2

LifeBank Hackathon Day2

Starting on World Blood Donor Day 2013 (June 14), we locked ourselves up in a top secret chamber in Lagos, Nigeria. We’ll be there till Sunday (June 16) when we would have figured out how to make LifeBank work; just in time for the launch that same Sunday at 4pm.

Ever wondered how to save a life? We’re building an app for that. You should try it when we are done 😉


3 thoughts on “Technology Meets Health: My First Hackathon

  1. All I see is coke and shawarma.

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