I was on a panel (Woot Woot!) #SMWLagos #SMWMobilize

I don’t think I have mentioned on here, but sometime in December 2012, I met with some amazing ladies who are directly or indirectly involved in technology. The outcome of the meeting was the birthing of Ladies in Tech.

About two months after our first meet-up, Damilola Sobowale, the head orchestrator, sent an email inviting interested parties to sign up to be on a panel hosted by Girl Effect to discuss how social media has helped us as females, personally or professionally. I of course indicated my interest and on Tuesday, 19th February, 2013, we had an amazing session to discuss how social media could be used for social change.

So, this post was just to show off some pictures. I’ll get into details when I can take a tiny breather to type a more comprehensive post. There is so much to tell. Without further ado, enjoy 😀

Panel Prep Session Let the show begin And we can all go home