To Whom It May Concern

Dear Beautiful One,

The next time that wanderlust/frustration hits you and you feel like giving up/leaving/packing up shop (which I’m sure will be pretty soon), decide to stay on for a bit longer. It will make a huge difference.



The Wishlist: 25 things I want for my 25th Birthday

It’s my birthday on the 20th of January, 2013 and I’ll be a quarter of a century old. Eeek!

I’ve never been big on birthdays, but  for the first time, I’m really really super duper excited about this one. So, for my ‘silver jubilee’, I have made a list of things I want that, hopefully, I’ll get. I’m not sure I have up to 25 items on this list as the title implies, but it seemed catchier than 17 things…

Here goes:

1. A new phone!!!
I’ve been using the same old Bold 2 for almost 3 years now and it has gone flaky on me. So for my birthday I want the BlackBerry 9360 (aka curve 4) and either the Nokia Lumia 920 or the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

2. Perfumes
I’ll like any type of perfume, but I love any of these three: Givenchy Play Intense for him or her, Paris Hilton Can Can and CK One Shock for him.

3. Wristwatch(es)
Masculine. Chain. Leather.

4. Cocktail rings
Plenty and plenty of ’em. Polyvore has an idea of what I’m talking about.

5. Blazers and Dresses
I’m a size 8/10 😉

6. Earrings
I’m partial to studs cos I have 4 ear piercings, but any type of earrings will work nicely too.

7. Stephen King
If you can’t get me the man for a day, I’ll settle for his books that I don’t currently own:
– The complete Dark Tower Series
On Writing
Under The Dome
Just After Sunset
The Talisman
The Eyes of the Dragon

8. Bags
I’m fashion retarded. Whatever you think will look nice on me. The tomboy in me loves slings and skulls but my friend says to grow up already 😦

9. Shoes
Flats o. Sneakers o. Heels o. As long as I can wear them on my feet. I’m a size 40 btw (biko, help me convert where necessary).

10. Underwear
The people permitted to get me this already know my size and preference.

11. PS3/PSP
Cos I need to get my gaming game back on yo.

12. External Harddrive
No less than 250gb. Thank you 😀

13. All expense paid weekend in Zanzibar or Kenya (or Ghana)
Cos a king recently told me these places are awesome.

14. A birthday breakfast/brunch/lunch/dinner/supper
Somewhere nice. For two (or more). I promise to dress pretty.

15. An office swivel chair for my work station

16. Towels

17. Cakes and cocacola alcohol

So, if you’re thinking of what to get me, any of these or the cash equivalent will do. If you have better ideas though, feel free to surprise me. I love purple and green and black. Pay no mind to the order the list was written in. You can get me more than one item as the ‘spirit’ or your church mind directs.

*p.s. Asos is on sales