A Dumber Generation?

Today, the NECO Nov/Dec SSCE results went public and I can’t help but feel sad about it.

With news headlines like  NECO records another mass failure and Another mass failure as NECO releases results greeting me as I opened my newsfeed, one begins to wonder wonder: what is up with the Nigerian education system.

While some people want to attribute this new trend on the younger generation being unserious and less focused, what with distractions from technology and the media, I can’t help but ask: what are the teachers and parents doing? A child cannot have been a straight A student in his continuous assessment and just flunk woefully when final exams come.

Students should be monitored on a regular basis and helped where it seems they are lacking to prevent such appalling results which disgrace not just them and their families, but the nation too. Our education system really needs a reassessment.

Mini rant done.


Fuck chasing your dreams

Since I can remember, I’ve dreamed of being some sort of IT guru, or at least of being somehow connected to technology. So at first, because I absolutely love gaming, I wanted to be a video game tester (not developer o. Just one of those who test the games for user experience, fun, functionality and what not). Then I wanted to be a programmer, then a software engineer, then …you get my drift.

When I was in JS3, I told my father this. He said a professional course will work better in Nigeria and suggested I study medicine. if I went down that path, I would have been a serial killer collecting hearts. So, I enrolled in science class and there, I discovered my love for mathematics. I adore simultaneous equations and differential calculus, I love the thrill I get when I turn to the back of the textbook and not only did I get the answer correct, but the workings too. You should have seen the huge smile on my face when I got A1s in maths but maths only mind you. I also liked physics; I remember giving a presentation on x-rays and making my kaleidoscope, periscope and wooden torchlight. *bliss*

Then came JAMB and picking a course for university. I knew medicine wasn’t for me but my daddy dearest wasn’t going to let this middle child study computer science. An ‘unprofessional’ course?! God forbid it. So I settled for accounting. In my misconception, I thought accounting was synonymous with mathematics. Could I have been more wrong? I hated it. Till date, I haven’t completed my professional certifications (although you can like to give me props for trying and spending a load of money I didn’t have).

Fast forward to present day, years of accidental discoveries, wanderlust and wrong decisions later. Now I’m reading lots of books and taking online classes from code academy and coursera to mention a few. By the end of this year, I won’t have anybody, not even daddy dearest, to blame for not being closer to my tech samurai dream.

So, I say fuck chasing your dreams; catch up already.